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I'm the President of Asphalt Kingdom and I've helped thousands of people like you to make money with asphalt maintenance and thrive. You see, I was where you were over fifteen years ago.

I had my own asphalt maintenance business and when winter came, I was scared. Did I make enough to take care of my family? Do I have enough in case of an emergency? What other things can I do to bring in cash?

I climbed snow-covered roofs to clear them off, shoveled driveways, you name it...but none of those things had the earning potential of what I'm going to tell you.

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Infrared patching

How-To: Hot Patching

Get step by step instructions on how to patch potholes with an infrared patching machine like the Mini Infrared Machine.

Aquaphalt cold patching

How-To: Cold Patching

Discover how to repair potholes with permanent cold patch products like Aquaphalt and cold asphalt pothole patch.

Free social media templates

Marketing Support

Get our Google Ad recommendations and (NEW!) customizable social media templates to market and advertise your pothole repair services!

How you can make $1,000 a day while your competition hibernates this winter

It's true: the bulk of asphalt maintenance can only be done when it's warm and when there is no precipitation in the forecast. However, there is one asphalt maintenance service you can provide during the winter...

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