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Asphalt cracks are lucrative opportunities

For property owners, asphalt cracks are bad news. But for enterprising people like you, they're an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Starting an asphalt crack repair business is a unique opportunity to preserve property owners' pavement assets and make money at the same time.

But you're not the type of person who rushes headlong into something no matter how profitable other people say it is. You want to learn everything about your new venture before you start to avoid making mistakes and wasting money along the way.

Learn from 20+ Years of Experience

Learn from Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom, on how you can start your own highly profitable crack repair business.

Your Teacher: Judd Burdon

Judd is the President of Asphalt Kingdom, helping thousands build the life of their dreams with entrepreneurship.

Asphalt is everywhere — seize this opportunity to improve your life!

What’s Inside

14+ engaging, easy-to-follow videos that teach you everything you need to know to start your own asphalt crack repair business

***BONUS*** A sales flyer with benefits and graphics to help you close deals

***BONUS*** Sales script to help you role practice and win new business

***BONUS*** Lifetime access to the exclusive AK Roundtable, a weekly discussion with contractors in all stages of their business, a forum to ask questions and get the support you need

***BONUS*** Unlimited Asphalt Kingdom support to help you on your journey to financial freedom!

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This is an educational expense you can deduct from your business!

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ONLY $499.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the video course and the provided tools.

How long does it take to finish the course?

This is a self-guided course. If you're passionate and driven, you can finish this course within a few days to a week.

How much can I make with asphalt crack repair?

By following the course and investing in your future, you can make at least $3,500 per day with the RY10 Pro crack repair machine. The initial investment on this course will be paid back in one day!

Do I need a college or university degree to be successful?

You don't need a degree to own and run a successful business. With this Crack Repair Kickstart Course, you get the information you need to start, grow and scale. You also get membership in the Asphalt Kingdom Roundtable so you learn from positive, experienced people in the industry.

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